Get custom-fit, world-class solutions using hybrid iT

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Get custom-fit, world-class solutions using hybrid iT


Damian Michael, Managing Director of Innovo Networks “ We have the IT integration expertise to help enterprises take on their greatest challenges. Let us show you how we can transform your operations and help you achieve better business results.” When you can focus on growing your business, opportunities typically arise. Doors open and good things happen. But if your organization spends too much time and expense trying to manage and use disparate IT systems, your business growth can stall. Take a hybrid IT approach to help accelerate growth and innovation.


Today’s technology landscape is changing faster than ever. For enterprises to make the cost-efficient, seamless IT transformation that will keep them agile, they need a trusted partner. We’ll help you tackle your complex business, IT and industry challenges. Let us integrate a complete portfolio of Innovo Networks and top third-party products and services into one, customized solution for your business.


Do business your way with technology to match.

When it comes to choosing system integration services, you have a number of options. You can hire one provider with a limited number of solutions. You could also take on a lot of providers that are difficult to manage all at once and have potentially incompatible solutions. Or you can use an integration partner like Innovo Networks.

We work with leading technology providers to integrate world-class products and services into a highly customized, streamlined solution. By teaming up with providers around the world that meet your unique business and IT needs, our Integrated Solutions can help you quickly transform and automate your IT operations for better business results virtually anywhere.


Our IT integration strategy helps you:

  • Work with a single integrator for more choices and less complexity.
  • Simplify integration using global standards and flexible contracts.
  • Get up and running fast with dedicated transformation teams.

Change how your business gets done and create better business outcomes—without being forced to adapt your entire enterprise to a new solution. We’ll adapt to you. We select proven products and services from our portfolio that meet your unique requirements. If you need us to, we’ll also wrap them with third-party products and services to give you a complete solution that’s the right match for your business.


Whatever you need to do, we’re here to help.

Our approach is to focus on your business and customize our integration services so you get exactly what you need. We do it all—infrastructure selection, workshops and planning, design and delivery, employee and asset transfer, risk management, governance, provider oversight and more. You’ll know what to expect every step of the way. We define and quantify your transformational program and potential ROI, select the right products, and develop an end-to-end business strategy and technical solution.

We create the technology foundation that you need—along with a customized operational platform so that you can easily run it from one central location. During migration, we’ll give you peace of mind by overseeing everything to manage risk and help your business run seamlessly. We make sure Innovo Networks and third-party products and services integrate and work together smoothly. But it’s not just about infrastructure compatibility and reliability. We back our services with strong, custom service level agreements that go beyond basic requirements such as uptime to maintain the highest quality standards, measure success and deliver completely on your expected business outcomes.


Discover what a trusted IT integration partner can do.

For organizations that are expanding or transforming their IT operations, Innovo Networks is a proven partner. Whether it’s a complete IT infrastructure transformation or a move to the cloud, we take care of everything—network, security, business communications, cloud, mobility, Internet of Things and more.


Stay agile with oversight.

Our end goal is to deliver all the benefits that we’ve agreed on to help you improve your business technology. That’s why we continuously improve our solutions and services. We help you speed up innovation—based on input from experts—and provide you with measurable outcomes. From local to regional to global service delivery, our forum and committee oversight provides us with constant process management and guidance. That way you can reach your vision of the future for your business.



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