In this fast-moving, digital economy, organizations of all sizes are re-inventing themselves to become both leaner and more productive. They’re going outside the company’s four walls and expanding their reach—and their vision—by finding novel ways to add to current services or discovering new revenue sources altogether.

Whether it’s using Enterprise tools to link business processes, collaborating through enterprise mobility, or extending a legacy system to meet a new customer challenges, these organizations are moving beyond old business paradigms.

Recently I traveled to Nigeria and Ghana, consider the Oil and Gas sector. Oil field service companies have invented new ways to get the most out of remote equipment, straddling the line between peak performance and safety. Relying on machine-to-machine (M2M) sensors that instantly relay data from the field, they’re monitoring equipment and field assets, providing proactive maintenance, and getting machines to produce results faster and more efficiently. This is the power of Cloud Computing, the IoT and M2M.

Downtime means dollars lost, and these organizations are becoming more inventive. They’re figuring out ways to embrace digital transformation and connectivity to expand into new areas—becoming leaner and at the same time offering more affordable services to customers.

Taking Advantage of Enterprise Mobility: Real-time Visibility

Today more than ever, sharing information is a necessity across every sector, from line workers in a manufacturing plant and remote field service techs in the energy sector to service reps using mobile logistics or an insurance auditor assessing damage in the field. And that data relay needs to happen fast.

The thing is, if you’re not mobilizing your enterprise platform so that go-to team members can make timely decisions, then you’re behind the curve. Enterprise mobility is giving companies one hundred percent visibility into all kinds of business processes to make actionable decisions.

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