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5 Reasons to Host Your PBX in the Cloud

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At Innovo Networks, we understand that the PBX industry is growing exponentially. In fact, a recent study reported by MarketsandMarkets predicted that the hosted PBX industry – currently expanding at the rate of almost 15% annually – is set to be worth US$ 4.73 Billion worldwide by 2023.

The reason the market is gaining so much traction is because of the fact that it is a vital means of providing dependable, centralised telephony that meets the demands of enterprises – at scale. Hosted PBX solutions offer the additional convenience of eliminating the need for onsite setup costly maintenance expenses – while mitigating the risk to reputation that comes from ‘system offline’ crises.

How a Cloud-Hosted PBX Saves Your Company Money & Time

With cloud-hosted PBX, you are unburdened by the need for analogue telephony maintenance or onsite technical support, freeing up resources to manage the core operations, systems and processes of your business. Furthermore, business owners are empowered to elevate their brand’s corporate image through the advanced performance and functionality offered by digital telephony solutions. Keep reading the blog as we reveal the business benefits of hosting your PBX in the cloud.

Benefit of Cloud-Hosted PBX #1: Cut Back on Expenses

PBX telephony allows for digital recordkeeping in the form of logs of calls, whether incoming or  outgoing. Data collection and analysis has a variety of potential benefits, including auditing your processes for optimisation purposes, or providing insight into productivity to highlight potential areas for improvement for example.

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Benefit of Cloud-Hosted PBX #2: Access Advanced Call Features & Functionality

Modern PBX systems offer advanced functionality that standard telephony solutions simply cannot offer. Accessing call logs and recordings instantly from any device, seamlessly connecting to a network of phone lines and extensions from several locations, experiencing advanced phone call quality, and enjoying vastly reduced call costs are just some of the unique features offered solely by cloud-based or virtual PBX solutions.

Benefit of Cloud-Hosted PBX #3: Activate Seamless Internal Communications

This means that you can reach other lines in your office via your virtual PBX instead of dialing an external line at a significantly higher expense. By using your PBX to route calls internally, you improve your organisation’s internal communications, boosting productivity, all the while keeping call communication remarkably lower than the costs associated with traditional analogue PBX solutions.

Benefit of Cloud-Hosted PBX #4: Integrate Voice Automation

You can also boost your brand’s reputation with professional on-hold recording, automated voice prompt menus, and interactive voicemail boxes. These digital automations aide in boosting communications both within your company and on a larger scale in your interactions with the public and prospective clients.

Benefit of Cloud-Hosted PBX #5: Maintain Centralised Control

A cloud-hosted PBX telephony system offers functionality whereby your organisation can receive and access all its incoming phone calls from a single phone number. Regardless, you can have several outgoing and incoming calls concurrently, without cutting anyone off, compromising on call quality, or hitting a potential client with a dreaded engaged tone.

Innovo Networks is Your Partner in Cloud-Hosted PBX Efficiency

Improve your business customer service and internal processes and slash communication costs with a versatile cloud-based PBX system. Contact us now to discuss unlocking these benefits in your business!

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