A Digital Future and Present Technology!

What’s Your Digital Future?

In a World fused by technologies there’s a blur line between the physical and digital, also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Don’t forget we live in an era of abundance where technology is helping us to work toward.

Innovo Networks is driven to help SME’s (Small to Medium startup businesses) and Corporates. Innovo Networks is climbing the innovation ladder, to provide the best internet solutions currently available. We strive to build strong relations with our suppliers, customers and clients.

 Our PBX System has a runtime of 99% SLA, free monthly reporting, unlimited calls, as well as unlimited extensions and our fast reaction to system problems that can occur at any time.

We offer good quality, affordable, unshapped and uncapped Fibre to the home, with us you wouldn’t be so easily throttled.

We strive for Integrity, Innovation, Excellence, Communication and Leadership. Even though we know digital change is happening as we speak, we barely even notice because we are always adapting and preparing for new challenges each day.

Our cloud firewall is currently the strongest defence against any web attacks and the statistics are there to prove it’s worth.

If you wanna know more information, contact us via WhatsApp For Business Number, Email or feel free to call us should you want immediate contact with a sales representative .

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The sky is the limit!

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