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Innovo Networks is a leading Communications Service Provider, and together with our partners we strive to offer a superior client service experience for client and partner organisations. All of our solutions and services are built on a world-class, secure and resilient infrastructure, delivered according to global best practices and in partnership with the world’s leading technology vendors, such as Vodacom, Fortinet, HP and Dell.

  • Connectivity
  • Communications
  • Cloud
  • Cyber-Security

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The vision of the company is to be a leading managed service provider helping businesses expand and grow.

Our mission is to provide service excellence, while positively influencing the lives of stakeholders, partners and employees through service excellence, education and bold innovation on the continent of Africa. We strive toward helping SME`s grow and expand by the use of innovative technological solutions. We focus to provide the best service for our customers and work on a face-to-face methodology to engage easier and more efficiently with our customers.

Innovo Networks track record of enabling organisations to meet it’s mandate of service delivery across the three spheres of the market, demonstrates our commitment as a South African organisation to ensure that our vision to be the leading managed services provider, resonates with our intent to bridge the digital divide and make ICT an enabler, not only for the government but for organisations and it’s citizens as well.