Artificial Intelligence

A Game Changer!

AI can perform mundane tasks, allowing sales professionals to focus on more important work. Most sales teams spend a bulk of their time doing repetitive tasks. Things such as qualifying leads, that take them away from more valuable endeavours like closing sales and meeting sales goals.

Companies are currently using AI in all kinds of innovative ways to advance their businesses. If you’ve ever searched Netflix to watch a movie, AI (a recommendation algorithm) was no doubt used in your decision about what to watch. If you’ve shopped on Amazon, your decision about what to buy was also influenced by AI (via an association algorithm).  If you’ve ever ordered an Uber, AI (a location algorithm) was used to have a car in your vicinity quickly.  If you ever had a thought about a product or a vacation, and it seemed to suddenly pop up on your search page or in your email inbox, I can assure you it was based on AI (a classification algorithm) monitoring your online activity. Innovo Networks can help implement AI in your sales & customer service department.

Managing for Performance: Every month, sales managers have to assess the revenue pipelines of each of their salespeople with an eye towards nurturing deals that might stall, or worse, fall through. Using AI, sales managers can now use dashboards to visually see which salespeople are likely to hit their quotas along with which outstanding deals stand a good chance of being closed. This will allow a manager to focus their attention on key salespeople and associated deals that will help the company hit their quota.

Upselling and Cross-Selling:  The fastest and most economical way to grow your top-line revenue is to sell more to your existing client base, but the million dollar question. Who’s more likely to buy more?  You can spend a lot of money on marketing to those who won’t buy, or you can use an AI algorithm to help identify which of your existing clients are more likely to buy a better version of what they currently own (up-sell) and/or which are most likely to want a new product offering altogether (cross-sell). The net effect is an increase in revenue and a drop in marketing costs.

With AI, the sales process can be minimised and the customer contacted within minutes. Algorithms rank the opportunities or leads in the pipeline according to their chances of closing successfully.

Customer Service: The answer is artificial intelligence (AI), which is fast becoming a customer service must-have. In fact, according to Gartner, up to 80% of customer service interaction is expected to be handled by AI by 2020.

AI assists in a number of areas: by providing answers to simple customer questions 24/7, sorting messaging, prioritising queries to a human agent quickly where necessary, and by freeing up human agents to facilitate higher value calls.

AI can analyse large amounts of data faster than a human agent ever could, therefore predicting the required response quickly, and with more accuracy, than has been previously available. AI reduces the time taken to get back to a customer & helps improve customer satisfaction. Innovo Networks uses AI for our customer service. Let us help you. It’s difficult to think of a technology that has captured as big a market as Chatbots have, and that too within only 2-3 years.

Why work with Artificial Intelligence?

Our AI is working for you 24/7. It helps you increase conversion with 28% and increases lead retrieval rates with up to 21%. All of this is taken care of, while the online experience is optimized.

Make AI answer questions of your website visitors, retrieve contact information, help people find what they are looking for, assist them with making reservations, booking or registrations and much more!

You can do all of this for a fraction of the costs of doing it yourself. As a matter of fact, you can do it for free by contacting us.

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