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Are you looking for speedy Internet service? Are you ready to be set free from the shackles of the dial-up modem? It might be time to consider broadband Internet service.

Innovo Networks provides high-speed last mile access bandwidth access and true converged services right to your business

On Beyond Dial-Up

Broadband is the name given to Internet access, such as DSL, cable, and mobile Internet, that is much quicker than traditional dial-up service. In some cases, its hundreds of times faster. It won’t be long before dial-up service is a thing of the past.

If you plan on watching movies, downloading music or uploading photos, broadband Internet is the right path for you. And it doesn’t end there; the speed of broadband Internet facilitates online gaming, telephone calls, video chatting, streaming radio, large email attachments and much more. Several companies offer the bundling of telephone and cable television with broadband access, too.

Broadband Internet service doesn’t tie up your telephone line like dial-up service, meaning you can make phone calls and surf the World Wide Web at the same time. Many broadband services also offer VoIP (Voice over IP), which lets you make telephone calls over the Internet. Like traditional phone services, VoIP features call waiting, voicemail and caller ID.

Broadband Internet service is always on. That means you don’t have to connect with your service provider and log in. As soon as you fire up your Web browser, the Internet will be there waiting for you. You won’t have to count hours, worrying about how long you’ve been online. You won’t get booted off the Web each time someone rings your telephone line, either.

Service Specifics

There are many companies offering broadband Internet access. So it’s important to understand what you’re shopping for.

  • Cable Internet is provided through the same network as cable television. It’s the fastest access available and can be bundled with other services.
  • DSL service accesses the Web through the traditional telephone infrastructure. This service isn’t as fast as cable, but doesn’t cost as much. It can also be bundled with other services.
  • Mobile Internet provides connections for cell phones, tablet computers, e-readers and other portable devices. It isn’t as fast as cable or DSL, but frees you from the confines of your home or business.
  • Satellite Internet offers Web access without the need for a traditional network. The speed is much slower than Cable or DSL, but faster than dial-up service. Like satellite television, you’ll need a dedicated dish to capture the signal.

Often, you can combine Internet, telephone and television service into one package with one bill and pay less than if you purchased these products separately.

Dial-up Internet service can be achingly slow. If you’re ready to speed it up, free up your telephone line and stay connected to the Web, then it’s time to sign up for broadband Internet with Innovo Networks.

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