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Backup your Azure VM

Ensure the safety of your production applications running on virtual machines. Back up the virtual machine state, the OS state, and the associated data using the virtual machine backup service. You can get application-consistent backup data using VSS on Windows  virtual machines, and file-system consistent backup data on Linux virtual machines – without having to shut down the VM during backup. Choose your backup time and how long you want to retain the data, and later follow a simple restore experience. To track long running operations, use the job view. This can all be done directly through the Microsoft Azure classic portal.

Backup your hybrid application and infrastructure

Deploy DPM to provide granular, application-aware backup of workloads running on-premises. Mirror the DPM deployment in Azure to get protection over Azure deployments. Complement this with infrastructure-level backup of virtual machines in Azure or on-premises, to get full coverage of data backed up and granularity at the time of restore. Send data quickly and retain data for long periods, to get  an attractively priced replacement to tape infrastructure.

Increase the availability of on-premises Hyper-V or VMware virtual machines using Azure.

Azure Site Recovery enables you to replicate your virtual machines hosted on a Hyper-v or VMware based infrastructure to Azure so that they are protected against any disaster. You can fail over the virtual machines to Azure at any time. The on-premises virtual machine replicates to the cloud and connects to a virtual network on failover. Failover of an application consisting of multiple virtual machines can be orchestrated by sequencing the order of failover of the virtual machines along with any necessary scripts and manual actions. Azure automation jobs can be added to automate post failover tasks. You can also automate the movement of traffic from the on-premises site to an Azure site. The service provides the capability to do a planned migration or to create an environment for



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