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Introducing the EU GDPR

As you might have recently seen in the news, the EU has rolled out new laws for business about conforming to new security standards. This is called GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation. This has now become a VERY crucial aspect of our daily lives and a very important law that businesses need to conform to from now on.

These regulations specify how data must be used and processed within a company. Data MUST be kept private and stored securely. Of course, should there be any data leaks, there will be consequences resulting in a high amount of a fine or even having a company close its doors for business. The EU has taken this very seriously for the safety of clients and customers.

How does Innovo Networks form a part of this? Well, we are proud to announce that we are a GDPR regulated company and we follow the new procedures to protect our clients and customers personal data to the best of our abilities. We strive to prevent any data leaks and we follow very secure internal processes to help protect data.

Our cyber-security solutions are there to help you! These solutions are here to help protect other businesses and even to help them conform to these standards as well. Where do we start? We`ll start with the face of the company, the website. We offer the ultimate robust penetration testing to securely arm and protect the business from any threat or cyber-attack!

Respond swiftly to cyberthreats! Assess your cybersecurity defenses and gain visibility of threats. Develop a proactive cybersecurity approach to predict, detect, and identify cyberthreats. Organizations struggle to keep up with the constant barrage of cyberattacks. Our penetration testing and incident response services help you identify cybersecurity weaknesses and prepare your response to a potential cyberthreat. Combined with our managed service offerings, we can provide notification of known attacks and threats before they reach you. We help your organization develop a better response to cyberthreats.

What do we offer in real-time threat management-as-a-service? With our innovative solutions like WebArx, we provide a 24/7, real-time security event management and monitoring, powerful correlation, and threat analysis of your most critical assets for your website. This is where the security starts, these are the first steps in securing your website.

Once your website is secure, that is the second step to a more protected business! No one will be able to access any of your information or data via the website. After our tests, there will be no gaps or loop holes that hackers can feed on to destroy the site and steal personal data from either the company, employees or customers!

Besides for our penetration testing, we offer secure end point protection as well, along with email management, web app assessments and the ultimate firewalls for any type of business! With Innovo Networks, you can arm your business with the best in class industry leading cyber-security solutions at the most affordable pricing option ever!


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