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Internet access is the De-facto business-communication tool, supporting demanding applications such as CRM, ERP and supply chain management, as well as e-mail and access to websites, intranets and extranets. As your company’s requirements increase and needs change, dedicated internet allows for you to connect an IP network via a subscriber line circuit. Your traffic is routed over the IP network to its logical destination, be it to data center, or through national and international peering links to the rest of the Internet. A dedicated Internet access line will allow for a direct, fixed connection between your phone or computer and a remote terminal outside the computer.

Innovo Networks provides capacity on multiple undersea cable systems. Traffic is routed along the most optimal path and customers are not directly impacted by the loss of any single cable system.

Innovo Networks provides capacity superior and robust fiber infrastructure to deliver unparalleled future proof fiber connectivity with the ability to deliver internet, voice and hosted services. We offer the entire necessary infrastructure including the optical termination unit and router with an option of 1 or 5 static IP addresses.

Features of a Dedicated Internet Access

  • It gives 99.9% of up-time
  • Service credit – if your internet goes down, the maximum repair time is 4 hours, else you get credit for the time wasted.
  • Manageable – the internet is managed 24/7, that if something happens to it, then the people of the company will be notified immediately.
  • It is DUAL fibre – a line whereby, if the internet goes off, a backup will be used until the internet goes on again.
  • Scalable – the up-time can be expanded to a higher up-time

Benefits of a Dedicated Internet Access

  • Provides reliable, high-performance Internet access for important business data and applications.
  • Connects your business to the global market quickly and easily using a secure IP network.
  • Gives you flexibility to quickly adjust network resources as your business evolves.
  • Directs network traffic, giving your most important applications top priority for effective bandwidth management.
  • Provides exceptional SLAs for peace of mind.
  • Enables proactive monitoring, letting you keep an eye on your infrastructure.

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