• Unified Communications

      Today, most businesses will agree that private communications is beginning to shift towards a cloud-based Unified Communications (UC) model. Private communications systems […]

  • Broadband Internet Services

      Are you looking for speedy Internet service? Are you ready to be set free from the shackles of the dial-up modem? It […]

  • Do you Need to Efficiently Communicate Between Various Locations in your Business?

    An Innovo Networks MPLS VPN (Virtual Private Network) offers businesses a simple and secure solution to deliver a private network between one or […]

  • Protect your Business from Cyber-attacks

    Small businesses are often poorly prepared to defend themselves against a cyber-attack. Small businesses may feel that they are less at risk of […]

  • Cloud Compliance.

    Cloud compliance problems emerge as soon as you make use of cloud storage or backup services. By moving information from your internal storage […]

  • The Cloud, Efficiency & Innovation

    Most people now agree that the cloud has become a core element of any enterprise’s technology strategy, and Innovo Networks provides cloud services […]

  • Modernization with Cloud Computing

      It’s worth noting that Innovo Networks provide an opportunity to consider the IT ecosystem as a whole and how it can be […]

  • The Importance of VoIP Security

    VoIP phone systems are quietly emerging in the telecom marketplace. However, VoIP systems are internet based and therefore susceptible to malicious attack. So, […]

  • Microwave Fixed Wireless Internet

    Fixed wireless broadband may not be a household term just yet, but it’s definitely a term worth learning.  Simply put, fixed wireless provides […]

  • High Speed Internet

      Utilizing world class Internet backbone and Metro Ethernet Access networks, Innovo Network’s Business Broadband offers high speed Internet access, reliable connectivity and […]

  • The Cloud Migration Plan

    Your mapping exercise leading from the current state to the desired state is the root of your cloud migration plan. The migration plan […]

  • Dedicated Internet Access

      Internet access is the De-facto business-communication tool, supporting demanding applications such as CRM, ERP and supply chain management, as well as e-mail […]

  • Why Move to the Cloud? Benefits of the Cloud

      Simply put, cloud computing is computing based on the internet. Where in the past, people would run applications or programs from software […]

  • How Voice-Over IP Works

      Technology has not only changed how we connect, but how much it costs us. Even voice calls can be delivered for less, […]

  • Issues on Business Security

          As inter-connectivity in today’s marketplace develops, more and more businesses are relying on the internet and other network technologies for […]

  • Uncapped Calls and Hosted PBX

        Uncapped calls + Hosted PBX from R1500 per month. The ePBX is the perfect solution for small businesses. It is a […]

  • Hosted PBX Service

        Business phone systems with advanced virtual PBX capabilities provide seamless connectivity. What is hosted PBX? Hosted IP PBX , also known […]


    Who isn’t? But in today’s global marketplace, it’s more difficult than ever. When you run a truly global business, your organization can’t afford […]

  • Top 4 Benefits on Using a Cloud Platform

      Using Innovo Networks as a cloud service broker is an efficient and cost-effective way to leverage the benefits of the cloud, but […]

  • The Potential For New Business Services

    The Potential For New Business Services In this fast-moving, digital economy, organizations of all sizes are re-inventing themselves to become both leaner and […]

  • Hadoop and the Big Data Lake.

    Hadoop and the Big Data Lake. Whether you are of the belief that Hadoop will take over current database architecture, or there will […]

  • Artificial Intelligence;

    Artificial Intelligence;

    A Game Changer! AI can perform mundane tasks, allowing sales professionals to focus on more important work. Most sales teams spend a bulk […]

  • Cloud Cyber-Security

    Industry digitization delivers more efficiency, reliability, and safety to workers and customers, and is also bringing opportunities to uncover new business models to […]

  • A Digital Future and Present Technology!

    A Digital Future and Present Technology!

    In a World fused by technologies there’s a blur line between the physical and digital, also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Don’t […]



    The global key trends for 2018 brought about some significant changes in innovation and technology and my predictions on the below were spot […]

  • Cutting Edge Technology

    We are all living in the era where we NEED internet in our daily lives and daily activities. With so many service providers, […]

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