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Improve collaboration and productivity wherever you work with our leading communication tools. Whether you in the office or the road, our modern communication technologies such as Voice over IP (VoIP), Hosted PBX and our leading Contact Centre Solutions will help you run your business smoothly. Connect employees with productivity tools such as Office 365, Teams and other workplace modernization tools.

Our Contact Centre Solution supports an omni-channel strategy helping customer engagement through email, sms, chat and social media integration. With advanced dialers, multi-level IVR, skills based mapping, 3rd party software integration, we help reduce customer effort, improve operations and enhance the customer experience.

Some Features of our Contact Center Solution Include:



ACD is a telephony system that recognizes, answers and routes incoming calls to the terminal or agent that is best suited to handle the caller’s needs. Knowing where to send incoming calls before they are answered is a huge help for companies receiving a large volume of calls. ACDs help companies meet customer needs more efficiently using an omni channel approach.



IVR is an automated phone system that allows incoming callers to access the information they need without having to talk to a person. Callers can help themselves by entering information via a touch-tone keypad or speaking into the phone. Different IVR systems have different levels of natural language speech recognition. Well performing speech recognition software has grammar and data to recognize different dialects and an expansive vocabulary. The IVR operates on a strategically developed call flow and undergoes continuous tuning based on customer interaction with the IVR.



A predictive dialer automatically dials from a list of phone numbers. This saves agent time as the dialer will detect busy signals, voicemail messages, disconnected phone numbers and when there is no answer. Predictive dialing is applicable across channels: mobile, text, social, chat and email. It detects a customer’s channel of choice and delivers the interaction directly to an agent upon answer. It can also be used to deliver proactive outreach in the case of an emergency or to educate a customer on where their case is at in the queue. Our contact center solution offers various dialers namely, Predictive, Promotional, Campaign, Generic etc.



Contact centers can use recording systems to capture all customer interactions. This is helpful should an agent or manager need to review what happened on a call. More advanced recording systems can record calls as well as any other interactions associated with the call such as emails and chat sessions. Call recording can be historical or in real-time, allowing a contact center supervisor to intercept an off-script or out of the norm call and provide on-demand coaching. Call recording goes hand-in-hand with analytics reporting to deliver in-the-moment insight that contact center leaders require.



A CMS is most helpful for outbound contact centers. The software provides the agent with a contact list or other info needed to reach out to the right people. Our omni-channel contact center solution uses email, SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter and voice. Manage outbound campaigns using different dialers and skills based mapping helps improve the ROI.



Most people dialing contact center numbers today are doing so from their smartphones. These personal pocket computers are playing a part in the advancement of contact center technology by offering more convenient omni-channel options such as intelligent callback, visual IVR interfaces and automated pre-call questions for more efficient problem-solving. Using smart phone technology integration with email, SMS, WhatsApp and social media is key to business operations. Our omni-channel software made the Gartner Digital Markets report.