Security is an investment, not an expense

Prevention is better than cure. If you don’t want others to hack your system, then upgrade it before they do.
Our leading Cyber-Security Solutions will help fight cyber threats, create network perimeter where there is none and perform real time threat detection. Perform near real-time and retrospective threat detection and visualization, Streamline operations while keeping your devices up to date, properly configured and secure. From implementing Firewalls, Penetration Testing, Scanning, Anti-Virus and SIEM, we deliver end to end protection wherever you need it. One of our most trusted firewall solutions is the managed web application firewall.


What is a Managed Web Application Firewall?

A managed web application firewall is basically a firewall that is managed and updated by someone else. You don’t have to do research and update the firewall according to new vulnerabilities .The research and updates are made by us

A user-friendly managed WAF can do a number of things to ensure your website is protected. Here are some benefits:

  • A managed WAF keeps up with the latest software releases and bug fixes. Vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins and themes are the number one reason why websites get hacked. For example, Innovo’s managed web application firewall solutions receives daily updates to prevent plugin and theme vulnerabilities.
  • A managed service is streamlined to your needs. Apart from being protected from vulnerabilities, you can also write your own rules. If you notice something suspicious about your website’s traffic, you can try to correct it with custom rules.
  • Round-the-clock monitoring means you will be alerted any time there’s something critical for you to look into. With Innovo’s Managed WAF solutions, for example, you can get alerts on Slack or email.
  • You can adopt modern security practices more easily, including the likes of two-factor authentication and ReCaptcha. Besides, a managed WAF is aware of compliance requirements so that you don’t break rules without being aware of them. For example, GDPR cookie and privacy policy.
  • Regular security scans and reports will give you a better understanding of web security.
  • To a certain extent, you can avoid having to hire a cybersecurity expert to look into your website. Not all businesses operate at the scale that allows for such an expense.