Uncapped Calls and Hosted PBX




Uncapped calls + Hosted PBX from R1500 per month. The ePBX is the perfect solution for small businesses. It is a cost-effective world-class solution combined with Innovo Networks prime voice quality and support. You pay a fixed monthly fee for unlimited VoIP talk time to all SA destinations + 10 extensions Hosted PBX with main functionalities.


– Hosted PBX with Uncapped Calls

– Full control on telephony expenses

– 10 Extensions

– Call Reporting

– IVR / Voicemail

– The most cost-effective phone system in the industry

ePBX Functionalities

Uncapped Voice

– Unlimited talk time to all SA destinations, local, national, mobile

– Full control on telephony expenses

– Assists with budget planning

– Number Porting

– Cost effective solution

How does it work?

* Innovo Networks is a prime VoIP provider. VoIP stands for Voice Over IP – in other words, we connect your call using the Internet. So, your phones need an Internet connection in order to make calls through your Hosted ePBX.

* Hosted? Yes, the ePBX is a hosted solution. It is in the cloud, hosted by Innovo Networks at the Teraco Data Centre, a rewarded data centre with the highest level of guaranteed up-time, stringent security and optimal operating conditions. That means your ePBX will be online even during Load Shedding.

* You will need the internet Good connectivity is primordial, as we need Internet in order to connect to your hosted PBX and to make calls. Therefore, we always recommend a dedicated the Internet connection for your new phone system. Innovo Networks has a line of the Internet services, including Wi-Max (wireless internet), LTE and Fibre. Get in touch to check what is available in your area.

* Sip devices Phones that connect to your PBX. They can be desk phones – switchboard, end point, cordless – or softphones – software on your computer or mobile app. We offer a great variety of models depending on your need.

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