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Today, most businesses will agree that private communications is beginning to shift towards a cloud-based Unified Communications (UC) model. Private communications systems such as premise-based PBXs made sense when work was conducted at fixed locations and the worker was at the desktop. Today, business is conducted both face-to-face and remotely using a wide variety of voice, web and video conferencing tools as well as mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Mobility is not really a choice any more it’s a fact of business life. Traditionally, the desktop was king (hence the PBX was the core element of the service delivery), but today mobility in its many forms (smartphones and tablets and handheld devices running on either public, cellular or WiFi networks) has taken center stage

For enterprises, it makes financial sense to centralize their communication applications and distribute these over private, public and hybrid cloud communication infrastructures. An enterprise can significantly improve productivity and save up to 40% by moving communications to network-based cloud solutions, which allows workers (and customers) to access communication applications from any location on any device.

But how can a service provider help an enterprise migrate to a cloud-based model when the enterprise has already so much invested in premise-based PBXs? The answer is by offering a cloud-based VoIP and UC that seamlessly connects to their PBXs.

Innovo Networks can help an enterprise cap investments in PBXs by deploying a hosted cloud-based UC solution that seamlessly connects to all its users. Those users already serviced by existing PBXs will continue to do so, but will also be able to benefit from the additional features offered by the new cloud-based solution. New enterprise users at the corporate office or remote home offices can be directly serviced by the new cloud-based solution, and can seamlessly communicate with other subscribers of the enterprise whether they are also serviced by the new solution or the legacy PBX. This provides a flexible and sensible model for enterprises to fully depreciate the investments made on the PBX, before migrating to a full cloud-based model – if they choose to eventually do so.


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