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Contact Centre Solution ( Omni-Channel Contact Centre )

Our Contact Centre Solution is a customer service platform that allows customers to reach out to a company through a variety of channels such as phone, email, chat or social media. The goal of an omni-channel contact centre is to provide a seamless and consistent experience for the customer, regardless of the channel they choose to use. This means that the customer should be able to start a conversation through one channel, such as chat and then continue the conversation through a different channel such as phone or email without having to repeat information or start from scratch. The contact centre should have a system in place to track and manage these interactions across all channels so that the customer can receive timely and accurate assistance.

A Contact Centre Solution (Omni-Channel Contact Centre) is a customer service centre that is able to communicate with customers through a variety of channels such as phone, email, chat, social media and text. This type of call centre allows customers to choose the communication channel that they prefer and provides a seamless experience across all channels. There are several benefits to having an omni-channel call centre for a business:

  • client image Improved customer experience: Customers appreciate being able to choose the communication channel that they prefer and having a consistent experience across all channels. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • client image Increased efficiency: With an Omni-Channel Contact Centre, customers do not have to repeat information or wait for a resolution to their issue. This can lead to faster resolution times and increased efficiency.
  • client imageBetter data tracking and analysis: An Omni-Channel Contact Centre allows a business to track customer interactions and gather data from all channels in one place. This can provide valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences.
  • client imageIncreased flexibility: An omni-channel call center allows a business to adapt to changing customer communication preferences and can help the business stay competitive in an increasingly digital world.
  • client imageCost savings: An omni-channel call center can potentially lead to cost savings by reducing the need for multiple customer service channels and enabling more efficient use of resources.

Innovo Networks Omni-Channel Contact Centre Solution allows you to connect with customers across all social media platforms. Improve your agents output by making over 300 calls per day using our powerful diallers.

Features & Benefits:

  • client image Remote Agent (Allows Agents to work from home)
  • client image 6 Advanced Diallers
  • client image Sticky Agent (Automatically routes calls to agent previously dealt with)
  • client image Automatic Recording
  • client image Powerful Analytics
  • client image Built in CRM
  • client image Ticketing Tool
  • client image Email Functionality
  • client image Video Calling
  • client image Social Media Integration
  • client image Built in WebRTC Phone
  • client image Real Time Dashboards
  • client image Browser Based
  • client image Skills Based Mapping
  • client image AI Functionality